Viruses and Malware

Viruses and Malware are extremely debilitating and costly for businesses. They don’t simply cost the company lost time for repairs and costly fees. Poorly performing compromised computers are also demoralizing for employees to use. In addition, viruses and malware can open the business to large liabilities and complex legal issues if the network becomes infected.
I can remove these issues from your computers, servers, and network infrastructure. However, being proactive against these types of issues rather than reactive is the best course of action.
Measures I take

  • Network level virus, spam, and malware detection
  • website monitoring and blocking
  • monitoring of domain names
  • antivirus and browser protection on workstations
  • proper network and server permissions

Traditional methods are not the only means available. Sometimes the most effective approach to these technical issues lie within the users themselves.
I can also aid with;

  • advising with employee policy and acceptable usage
  • proper response to a possible infection
  • training for employees on simple ways to be less susceptible to threats

Not every technical issue needs a technical response, I am here to help!

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