Server Installation and Support

Servers are integral to today’s businesses, but are often overlooked. Servers house all of our data and communications and need to be updated and maintained to ensure they continue to run as they should. Servers offer many benefits over plain networking, to keep your staff connected. Using the right software and a centralized network server, administrators and users will enjoy many services previously unavailable to them. I can support any server in your business, whether they are in house, virtual, hosted, or Cloud. Let me help your business choose a new server or maintain your existing server infrastructure to maximize your return on investment.

Some of the network server benefits include:

  • Effortless file and print sharing
  • Automated backup capabilities
  • Remote access for anywhere anytime access to files and applications
  • Simplified server management
  • Centralized security
  • Centralized virus and spyware management
  • Data backup and much more

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