What I do Better

  • Small Business Knowledge – I don’t simply provide IT support. I provide strategic IT and business technology consulting to develop a plan for your business. Technology is changing at a more rapid pace now than ever before, and I am here to help you navigate those changes, understanding the true needs of your small business, and being able to implement state of the art IT resources in common sense ways to fit your small business needs.
  • Honesty – I analyze the customer’s environment to ensure the right solution and give honest and practical evaluations on how your IT systems should be managed and implemented. While instituting the newest and most fashionable technology may be appealing to the client, and profitable for our company, its not always what the company truly needs and we will stand by the true needs of your business.
  • Experience – Since 1990 I’ve worked with a wide range of customers such as doctors offices, financial institutions, veterinary clinics, real estate offices, national defense vendors, and non profit organizations that has given me a broad scope of experience.
  • Customer Care – I talk to you as an equal, one on one, as another small business owner. My business revolves around my clients. I listen to what each client wants and then do everything I can to deliver it in a fair and timely fashion.
  • Quick Response Time – Your computer network and your time are too important to wait around for computer repair. I offer on-site support in the Phoenix metro area.
  • Integrity – I guarantee every bill to be detailed and accurate, not just a single line that reads “services rendered”.
  • Explanations in plain English – There is nothing more frustrating than trying to speak to someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you. I speak in plain English, you’ll get the clear answers to your computer and IT support questions that you deserve.